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Mineral & Matter

  • January 7, 2015


    On an outing to Pierpont Row, we spotted a storefront sign that was as magical as it was intriguing–well designed and perfectly displayed. Interest piqued, we pressed nose to frozen glass to peer inside, and found the interior to be just as enticing as the guidepost outside. Mineral & Matter is a gem of a local shop [see what we did there?], wherein you can find baubles, trinkets, and charms, among other things. Mineral specimens happen to be among those curated delights, and we spent some serious time exploring this adorable place. Pendulum necklaces of amethyst, black quartz, or black agate; faceted or opal earrings. It is, simply put, a ”collection of decorative arrows and a curated selection of artisan jewelry.” But just putting it simply doesn’t do it justice at all.

    As we’ve come to know, behind every well-designed store is a meticulously-thought-out concept and dedicated creator. Mineral & Matter owner, Stacey Foster, has said “Mineral and Matter is intended to be a mix between the grandeur of outer space and the beauty of nature.” COLLECTIVELY, we’re all for a good, benign clash of the physical and celestial worlds, and we’ll wear/display/gift that vibe on any given day of the week. Her flagship location is a fantastic example of those intentions, too. It’s a wee but winsomely-curated shop with a small studio space above, where she creates the arrows and many of the shop’s lovely pieces. It’s all that glitters here, in the best possible way. Visit the shop and peruse in person or go online to the link below. You can also watch for the Mineral & matter mobile boutique at upcoming SLC festivals/events [Twilight Concert Series, Granary Row, and Craft Lake City].

    Mineral & Matter | 353 Pierpont Ave, Ste 200

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