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Mind Over Matter

  • June 18, 2013


    The creative endeavors brought to our community by Scott Smith have been fantastic thus far [we plugged them here and here]. Goes without saying then [we're gonna say it] that we’re more than delighted about the newest production. We assume you’ll already be at the Utah Arts Fest is this weekend, so find the good sense to wander into the air-conditioned Leonardo for a break from the heat and a peek at this mixed-media performance. In short, it’ll be “a whimsical mash-up of Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, music, video, and the science of the autonomic nervous system…the latest multi-media creation of POP-UP@LEO, a woman and her curious companion journey deep into the inner world of the mind.”

    MIND OVER MATTER | Fri & Sat, June 21-22, 7pm | The Leo Auditorium

    Featuring | Nell Gwynn, Robert Scott Smith
    Director | Alexandra Harbold
    Video Designer | Conor Provenzano
    Sound Designer | Adam Day

    Tickets $5, requires purchase of a Utah Arts Festival Ticket

    Presented by The Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts, and Parks Program




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