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Millstream O.G. | A Teaser

  • April 10, 2014


    Millstream Faves

    1. Walnut wood flooring and cabinetry. Atop a terrazzo-type tile floor, sleek custom walnut cabinetry with floating shelves and open shelving in the island. To coordinate, walnut wood flooring in the sunken living room. Yup. Sunken living room. Keep reading…

    2. Stainless Artichoke lamp. The perfect architectural touch to hang above the dining table.

    3. Stainless and gold pendants. Hovering beautifully above the kitchen island. Imagine the light, bouncing off the terrazzo quartz countertops.

    4. Original stove pipe fireplace. Mic drop.

    5. One-inch turquoise tiles. Pick the mic back up. These are good for a nod to original mid-century modern baths of yore.

    Coming soon…

    These are just a few of the things that you’ll see when the renovation below is complete, folks, and we’re pretty stoked. It’s really rare to get the opportunity to help preserve, restore, and enhance an O.G. mid-century modern home. I was asked by Christopher Day and Forest Seaman of DFS Construction, to offer help in bringing these dreamy bones back to life, and it’s making me salivate a touch. We’re hoping that you’ll be licking your chops, too, when it’s all wrapped up. There are so many original details in this home to be saved and highlighted: the original fireplace brick, the wood plank and beam ceilings, the amazing stove pipe fireplace [in puse green]. Tasty, to say the least. In order to make this home more livable for the modern home owner, a second level has been added for a new main suite, which will include ridiculous [wow] views of Mount Olympus. The addition allowed for the opportunity to mirror the original butterfly roof on the back of the house, which is sensational. Take a peek at the original floor plans below, as well as a couple of ‘before’ and ‘progress’ shots. We can’t wait for the finished product. You should be eager, too…it’s soon to be on the market. Call us up — be a shame to have to wait at the back of the line for this one.

    Contact Leigh Anne Bernal at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE for additional information or to schedule a private showing | 801.244.7255

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