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Field Notes: On a Winter Lift

  • January 16, 2014



    Field Notes: Hike a Cold Mile for a Stone Cold Smile

    If any of you are anything like me, then you’re on the prowl for ideas to keep the winter glum at bay. Happiness is a part time job in the summer, but in the dark months, I have to work overtime. I’m gonna be all ‘chin-up’ mentality…and for me, nothing lends itself to sky gazing like a trail run. What follows are the five items on my short list for a content Cody. The insider tip is that it’s all free and accessible for everyone. Hop in your Subaru [you know you have one] and pick a canyon:

    1. Exercise. Whatever your version, just do it. We ran and hiked and did some casual body sledding on the mountainside, but maybe your thing is snowshoeing or skiing or prancercise. It’s all gold.

    2. Bring your peeps. In this case, two of my favorite pals, TJ and Karen joined. They’re seasoned snow runners and game for tomfoolery, so it all worked out. #thankyouforbeingafriend #goldengirls

    3. Soak it up. The sun still exists, it’s just been covered intermittently by a thick cloud of besmirched air. When you go up, you’ll see that it’s still beaming. And then you will be, too.

    4. Love the nature. Don’t abuse it, but take advantage of all this majesty, folks. These mountains are tight, and they’re here for you all the timeSome peoples hearts are at the ocean…mine is in the peaks.

    5. Use your words. Talk about things that matter. I’m a dreamer and a believer and a happy-home magic weaver. Nothing better than waxing all philosophical with your homies.

    trail-run-cody-bottom-group-2 trail-run-cody-bottom-14 trail-run-cody-bottom-9 trail-run-cody-bottom-group-3 trail-run-cody-bottom-7 trail-run-cody-bottom-group-1



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