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A Chat with Mayor Becker

  • October 29, 2015


    We at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE always relish a round table discussion. The opportunity to gather a few good minds gives us a certain thrill, so we were over the moon when Mayor Ralph Becker made himself available–and we were able to partake in–an old fashioned Q&A. A COLLECTIVE few, along with some friends and clients, gathered in a (particularly stunning) home for an evening of thoughtful conversation. We were thoroughly appreciative to have been made part of the chat, as Mr. Mayor spoke on his positions, policies, and his stance on the pesky presence of plastic bags (Litter = the worst. Just ask this rad guy). We love when people of this beautiful city are willing to gather and discuss things for the greater good–and, truth be told, we’re always down to gather in a stellar space (this particular Federal Heights daydream happens to be completely up for grabs, so those that like what they see below would do well to call 801.718.5555 for the skinny). Folks gathering to mix, mingle, and make plans for the betterment of SLC–it’s exactly our cup of tea.

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