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Of Meat & Marrow

  • October 22, 2013


    Anyone who has ever seen one of Stephen Brown’s productions knows better than to expect just another dance performance. His shows are wild, wooly, and frenetic, but they are also powerful, moving and genuine. Brown is clearly an evil genius, and his SB Dance company adds a sexy, edgy thread to Salt Lake’s awesome cultural tapestry.

    SB Dance’s latest creation is called Of Meat and Marrow, and it’s only playing three days (Oct. 25, 26, and 27) at the Rose Wagner Theater, so you might want to get your tickets quick-like. Of Meat and Marrow is subtitled “A rock opera dance circus.” While we have no idea what that means, there’s certainly something to be said for a good teaser, and now we really want to see it. Worth noting: SB Dance doesn’t shy away from nudity and sexual themes, so if you want to avoid having “the talk” anytime soon, you might want to leave the kiddies at home. See some photos below to round out your curiosity, then get yourself a seat.

    Of Meat & Marrow | Oct. 25th & 26th, 8pm + Oct. 27th, 4pm | Jeanne Theater, Rose Wagner Center, 138 W 300 S

    Tickets here or call 801-355-ARTS

    SB Dance in photos from Stephen Brown on Vimeo.

    Of Meat & Marrow: Halloween 2013 from Stephen Brown on Vimeo.



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