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Match Up the Innards

  • July 17, 2010


    I respect a person who is actually him- or herself. Even better when the “self” is a complete anomaly. Enter Jon. There are about a million things about Jonny that would probably surprise those who didn’t know him, but it all makes sense when you go to his home.  He’s a world-renowned tattoo artist and avid hunter.  He builds, he paints, he gardens, he cooks and he wears cowboy boots.  If I had never met Jon, and I spent 10 minutes in his house, I would probably be able to paint a very clear picture of him.  I love it when a person has taken the time to figure out who they are, and it shows in the space where they exist.

    Antlers are everywhere; either trophies from his own hunt, or something he found along the way.  His paintings are perfectly placed and varied.  His kitchen is customized and self-made, complete with a vintage stove and a whiskey/wine cabinet.  More antlers.  A homemade meal every night. The interior of Jon’s home mirrors who he is inside.  It’s ideal; we should all try to blur the lines between who we are and what we create.



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