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Maryland Condos

  • June 1, 2012


    Price: 225,000.00 – 350,000.00

    Neighborhood: The Avenues

    Property Profile: 27 individually-owned, luxury apartments | 1 bed, 1 bath

    Our Opinion: The Maryland is one of the most famous condominium residences in Salt Lake. In 1912, architect Bernard Mecklenburg designed, built, and resided in the Maryland building. The original name, in fact, was The Mecklenburg Apartments, but anti-German sentiment during wartime ultimately led to a name change [side note: Mecklenburg also planned the east wing of the Holy Cross Hospital and oversaw the completion of The Cathedral of the Madeline].

    The Neo-Classical style of  The Maryland is clear in the exaggerated ornamentation,which gives the gorgeous building a heavy feel. Living inside is somewhat akin to going back in time, the most noticeable throwback feature being the layout. At the time, many wealthy miners were moving to Salt Lake City; while overseeing construction of their mansions, they resided in luxury apartments before wives and children were moved out to join them. Thus, the feel of the condos is a bit of that of a gentleman’s club. In both the common halls and the private residence entrances, guests are welcomed with over-sized corridors, beautiful wood work, intricate tile and marble. There are grand dining rooms and parlors for entertaining, and the kitchens can be closed off [no doubt, to hide the wealthy guests from the servants, who had access to the kitchen via a back door]. Call us for a tour — The Maryland’s interior is every bit as beautiful and perfectly preserved as the exterior suggests.

    Information courtesy of: Utah Heritage Foundation

    Contact theCOLLECTIVE for a tour of the building or for additional details.  801.718.5555  |  Email



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