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The Mary[Man]Land | Stage 1

  • November 11, 2011


    A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to speak at Pecha Kucha Night, SLC…a whiz-bang gathering where creative minds are asked to speak on that which they’re passionate about. After a couple of COLLECTIVE meetings, I settled on speaking to the importance of space; asking questions, feeling it out, and finding yours [we'll post the un-condensed version of the speech soon]. I probed listeners to figure out what they really needed to feel at home. Different city? Less space? Closer neighbors? More light? I reminded them that, ultimately, space shapes life…and that they’re awareness of this fact was paramount to finding the space that best served their interests, people and life as a whole.

    My 6-minute talk was a nerve-racking endeavor, but it served to inspire at least one person. Me.

    That said, I’ve decided to move. Trust me…I know…our slightly masculine, mid-century modern delight has been a top-notch spot for the past couple of years. The pool has been nothing short of magical, and the space itself seemed to be renovated with me in mind. The nature-adjacent locale was a much-needed personal reminder of what an incredible, canyon-abundant, outdoorsy city Salt Lake is. Ultimately, though, it’s the city I need. My happy place is downtown. I need to ride my bike to 9th & 9th or the Farmer’s Market, and walk to the park on Sunday for wine and cornhole with my people.

    Soooo…onto The Maryland. I’m super excited to play with this space and make it my own. Photos of ‘the now’ are below…I’ll keep you posted on progress.

    The Mary[Man] Land Condo “In Process” or “Completed



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