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YWCA | You Gave!

  • December 22, 2014


    It would seem we’ve found ourselves smack dab in the middle of the season for perpetual hope, eternal love, giving thanks, and giving back [and--lucky us--we've got the means to do each and every one of those things with fervor]. This holiday season a few of our COLLECTIVE own had the bang-up idea to start a charity drive to raise funds and goods for our local YWCA chapter [a fabulously worthy cause–get the full skinny on all the good they do here]. Having wrapped up last week, we can officially say that the Love Where You Give campaign was a smashing success. So with the charity-giving in the bag, let us delve into the thanks-giving. Not enough snaps, claps, and back pats can be given to the stellar group of locals that helped this campaign get off the ground [see: volunteering time, energy, funds, and goods to the cause]. Every once in a while we get a colossal bear hug of love from the good folks of this town to remind us why it is we do what we do and love where we live. And you know what? We had such a damn good time organizing this drive, we’re already talking about next year’s. Got suggestions? Send ‘em to monica@cityhomecollective.com. We can’t wait to hear what you come up with. To all those who donated: you know who you are, and you’re all-time. For real. To those favorite local businesses of ours that housed the black donation boxes and encouraged folks to help out: we luuuuurv you too much for words, but here’s another shout-out in the form of a link, anyway…

    ZestGreen AntThe StockistMandate PressBlooms & Co.Hip & HumbleAvenues BistroVive JuiceryMod a-go-goBlue Plate DinerTutoring ToyRye Waffles & WhiskeyEven Stevens, Sweet Arleen’s, and the Ft. Union Aflac branch

    ywca-donation-final-group2 ywca-donation-final-26 ywca-donation-final-14 ywca-donation-final-4 ywca-donation-final-group3 ywca-donation-final-11 ywca-donation-final-6 ywca-donation-final-15 ywca-donation-final-group1 ywca-donation-final-23 ywca-donation-final-25 ywca-donation-final-27



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