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Love Where You Work | Keller Williams

  • March 15, 2013


    As you well know, cityhomeCOLLECTIVE has been charged with the privilege of designing the new Keller Williams office space [as previewed here and here] in the refurbished Granite furniture building in Sugarhouse. People, we’re knee-deep in construction on the space now; with some serious client cooperation, we’re selecting finishes and planning the space. This high-productivity office needs to be functional in every corner. There’s a myriad of things that’ll go on here; training, client presentations, client development, and Keller Williams events, to name a few. That said, we take our COLLECTIVE function with a healthy dose of form, so the space will need to represent the look of a dynamic agent, as well as the client demographic and culture.

    The design concept we’ve landed on can be defined as ‘sophisticated urban’. The industrial feel of the building is palpable — exposed wood-beamed ceilings and brick walls will ooze charm when our work is done here. It’s important to me that we let this historical building speak for itself. While I’d prefer not to force anything that doesn’t work with the building, I’d also like to avoid the obvious, rustic look that would be too cliche in the space. Blackened steel and wood elements that we bring into the space will be sleek with modern, clean lines. Finishes will include chrome, gold foil, black and grey leather, and natural stone to create balance and contrast to the industrial elements for a sophisticated look. For my part, I feel pretty sure that I’ve struck just the right design note…the KW agents will be as eager to come to work as they will be to bring in clients. Stick around — we’ll give you more on this project as we near our completion date.




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