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Lounge Night | Go, Sustainability!

  • January 27, 2015


    cityhome goin’ uuup…on a Tuesday. Next week, on Tuesday the 3rd, we’ll be hosting a lounge gathering to forward the efforts of living stylishly and in harmony with nature. We’ve got so damn much of it [nature, that is], that we think it’s time we all start considering this more. Sustainability geeks, design nerds, and architectural buffs, alike…join us! One week from today, in our deliciously-dignified lounge, we’ll be hosting two guest speakers, each equally venerated in the fields of architecture and design. Chris Price [LEED, AP, CGP] of Park City Design + Build will be enlightening us with a presentation on the Passivehaus certified, beautifully-designed wonder he calls ‘home’ in Summit Park [the architectural slice of heaven shown in the first photo below that we’ll be featuring in full later this summer]. And post-Chris wisdom, we’ll get to hear from the talented Angela Dean [AIA, LEED, AP, CPHC] of AMD Architects [another feature we'll soon be sharing]. Angela is the author of Green by Design: Creating a Home for Sustainable Living, and as such, she’ll dole some no-doubt-fascinating info on green remodeling and what we can all do to decrease our carbon footprint. It’s all gold here. Come by the lounge next Tuesday evening to get all edified, inspired, and sustainably stimulated.

    Tuesday, Feb. 3rd | Sips at 7:00pm, Speakers at 7:30pm | 645 E South Temple

    sustainability-lounge-event-4 sustainability-lounge-event-group1 sustainability-lounge-event-1



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