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Life in Your Space | Whoa

  • November 26, 2013


    Classic love story, really. Boy meets girl. Girl has great taste. Boy and girl work with handsome realtor [for a 3rd time...that's Gold-Member level, y'all] who helps them snag a bangin’ house. House has some of the best bones we’ve ever seen in a mid-century modern home. You’ve heard it before, but this one might have your happy ending. Together, Jay and Marla have what turns out to be superb taste. We’re sort of over the moon that they chose to honor the original space — the walls, the structure, the layout, the floor plan, the carport…all the best parts of this hum-dinger have been considered. They’ve polished, reworked, and cared for this little beauty just as we’d hoped, and in doing so, they’ve landed squarely on “masterpiece.” It’ll be on the market officially this Friday, pals. You should probably spend the next few days imagining how you’ll feel as you sip your scotch by the fire. This is where your hat should be hanging.

    Contact Cody Derrick at the COLLECTIVE for additional details or to schedule a private showing | 801.718.5555

    Salt-Lake-Mid-Century-Modern-Home-For-Sale-6Salt-Lake-Mid-Century-Modern-Home-For-Sale-1St-Marys-Mid-Century-Modern-Home-For-SaleSalt-Lake-Mid-Century-Modern-Home-For-Sale-4Salt-Lake-Mid-Century-Modern-Home-For-Sale-5Salt-Lake-Mid-Century-Modern-Home-For-Sale-7St. Mary’s teaser



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