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Life In Your Space | Inside Out

  • August 28, 2015


    Ahhh…the dog days of summer, where broiling afternoons sizzle into sultry evenings. The last stretch of soaring temps seems to be the most sinister, and it feels damn near sinful to not be near some body of water. Enter: the Linton residence. We’ve harped on our enchantment with this fabulous Federal Heights home before (it was a Place of Worship!), and we considered ourselves a lucky bunch to be able to pack up the pic-a-nic baskets (plenty o’ beer, fruit, cheese, and juice for the kiddos) and bask in the poolside radiance that is this truly sensational backyard. Opening up the walls of windows connected the inside and outside spaces seamlessly, so preparing the snacks was (quite literally) a breeze. Folks, this kitchen was made for entertaining, what with its wide open feeling and bright/natural warmth, and we put it to its full and glorious use. Out back, the grown-ups sipped and gabbed (world affairs, fiscal responsibility, etc.) while the littluns splashed and screeched with sun-soaked delight. This is the good life, friends, and we could most certainly see ourselves spending a good long while in this modern slice of hillside Zion. Feel the same? Well, then, give us a ring. We’ll see what we can do.

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