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Life in Your Space | Cypress Pt.

  • March 26, 2015


    We appreciate smart design. We admire quality construction. And we love a good party. So, when our friends, Kirk and Robyn, broke it to us that they’re moving from their lovely home in Draper for another custom casa in PC and wanted us over for a round of bon-voyage cocktails, how could we resist? We’ve long been a fan of their home for its craftsmanship and the desirable location.  Sitting comfortably on a quiet, tree-lined lane and offering views of the mighty Lone Peak, the outdoor space rivals the home’s interior. Even with the weather spitting at us, we were reluctant to bring the soiree indoors. But Mother Nature couldn’t smother the mood, and we’re nothing, if not persistent. Everything about this number in the burbs has been done top notch. It’s open and spacious yet still warm and intimate. And between the gourmet kitchen, the fully-finished basement, and that fab backyard, whomever makes this house their next home will be hard pressed not to make it their last.

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