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Life in Your Space | This Plaza Loft

  • March 8, 2013


    Last week, I attended a reading of the poetry of Rumi [by poet and Rumi expert, Coleman Barks], and was aptly inspired. And – as hoped – I’ve again happened upon some genuine appreciation for our community, our city as a whole, and the global movement of general awareness I’m seeing. When life allows, my inspiration turns to motivation and I get to dreaming with my friends, family, and COLLECTIVE crew about how to make things better. How to inspire a city, support locals, fix our air, create better spaces, commit more, scoop up the youth, give ‘em the goods, and set things in motion. As it so happens when you’re bursting at the seams with ideas, we needed to find a ripe spot to meet, spy our city through the windows, and channel Brigham Young in declaring it ours. Given our stellar clientele, it should be no surprise that we found just such a space to Rumi-nate [nailed it]; equipped with walls of north- and west-facing windows, the Plaza Loft we mentioned a couple weeks ago is pretty much perfect for some bonafide SLC worship. Sitting squarely in the middle of our city’s vim and vigor, we lounged, gazed, admired, and praised. We shared ideas, and left with a resolve. For as long as we’re here, we are committed to this incredible place.




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