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Iron & Resin + SLC

  • February 3, 2015


    Ahhhh…we love the smell of a good collab in the morning. One of our all time Salty faves, The Stockist, has teamed up to create a limited-time outpost shop with Ventura, CA-based outfitters Iron & Resin. They’re calling the coupling a “collaborative shop-in-shop experience”–but you can think of it as a really cool, really big, pop-up shop. As of February 1st, a slew of goodies from the co. are available in a 600 sq. ft. space inside The Stockist’s new 9th & 9th spot [they were recently relocated to bigger, more delicious digs just across the street from the old ones with help from the COLLECTIVE’s very own ace agent, Corigan Kushma].

    Iron & Resin hails from the sandy streets of SoCal, but they know a thing or three about the great outdoors [see: fantastic hats, enamel mugs, outerwear, etc.]. Says Iron & Resin co-founder, Thom Hill, “With a young, urban community and endless options for year round outdoor living, literally minutes away, Salt Lake was a natural fit.” And we heartily agree. These peeps clearly have a thing for motorcycle culture [note the slick custom bike by Salt City Builds in the front window and a few of those tasty tees featuring motos] and the style that comes along with it, and their custom, reclaimed-wood shelving and furniture [by CA designer Kevin Anderson of Silicate Studios] fits right in with The Stockist’s primo design. Best part: each and every bit of this outpost is for sale–the furniture, the fixtures, the selection of vintage knick-knacks. We’re wholly down with this astute union, and we aim to get while the gettin’ is good.

    Iron & Resin [a Stockist Outpost] | 875 East 900 South | 801.532.3458

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