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Instagram | #fab

  • January 22, 2015


    Truth be told, we love any excuse to crop-’n'-frame any one of our blog’s stellar photos and show them off elsewhere. Case in point: Instagram. Haven’t stalked @cityhomecollective yet? Our bio says it all: Stellar spaces, savvy design, salty life. We COLLECTIVELY cultivate beauty in all things, so why would would you expect any less from our social media? We toil tirelessly to harvest the most heavenly modern spaces and bring you your daily dose of damn-fine design. See also: snaps of crystal-cool locals, drool-worthy eats, and smart-ass captions. And don’t be surprised if we throw in the occasional office shot or dope panoramic of our pretty little city [#sunsetporn]. In the interest of helping us spread the word about how badass/beautiful SLC really is, give us a follow and double-tap some snaps. [#yougetthepicture]





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