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HRC | A Fair Shake

  • June 23, 2016


    Year after year, gala in and gala out, we are consistently blown away by and brimming with love for the fine folks of the Human Rights Campaign. Every year, the HRC rallies the troops in the name of raising funds and raising awareness for equality. And to that we say: a thousand times, yes! The annual HRC Gala is always an evening that’s equal parts inspiring, elegant, and a raucous good time. This year’s bash–held at the ever-fitting Grand America Hotel ballroom–was no exception. Just like in years past, SLC turned up in droves–dressed to the nines and ready to hold the line in the name of a few inalienable rights (seriously, we thought we cleared this up back in 1776).

    The evening was one of bear hugs, cumberbunds, and tears both happy and sad. Yes, 2016 has been one of tragedy and triumph in the LGBT community. In recent weeks, it seems the light that HRC shines is needed now more than ever, and we were happy to slap on the livery in the name of spreading love, unity, and positivity. Always. The organization honored both Volunteers of America and Alex Cooper with well-deserved Equality Awards, and celebrity host Caroline Rhea emceed like the best of them. After plates were cleared and a slew of fantastic items were auctioned off and won, Grammy-award winning Estelle bewitched our ears and dancing feet with a few fabulous tunes. In all, we’d say the evening was a rousing success. Equality for all is near, friends, but we mustn’t forget the strides still left to be made. HRC is leading the charge in many ways, and we’re eternally grateful to have such wonderful folks on the side of love. Next year’s hurrah will undoubtedly be more of the merry same, but in the meantime, be sure to read up on the HRC’s political progress, and learn how you can help support the cause at the link below. Love is love, people. Love is love…

    Human Rights Campaign

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