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Home is Where You Make It

  • August 18, 2016



    Travel Tips on Home-ing Up Your Home Away from Home:

    A few weeks back, I stayed at an airBNB on Lake Tahoe. It was quiet, cute, and in a beautiful location. Designed with more warm modern tones than I tend toward, sure, but otherwise perfectly livable. But you know what made it more than livable? What made it great? What made it fucking heaven? The things I brought with me. See, every time I stay overnight somewhere–anywhere–I always bring two bags with me. Whether I’m staying at a hotel, a rental, in a tent, my place in Park City, or my family’s cabin, I’ve got them both. And the contents of said bags are the things that make me dance around like a crazy person, blaring Ray Charles or Willie Nelson in my temporary home, wherever it be. Because time off is what you make it, and home is where you take it.


    Bag One contents:

    1. The New York Times that I (inevitably) haven’t gotten through from that Sunday. Makes every living room feel like my living room.
    2. A pile of magazines and publications to stack the way I do at home. I always have a handful that I haven’t gotten around to finishing, and that’s one of the benefits of a vacay. Grab the stack you’ve yet to read, and get to it. This time, I brought Dwell, The Week, Man of the World, Elle Decor, Luxe Magazine, and Realtor Magazine.
    3. A notebook for the good business ideas that always come from taking a step away from business.
    4. The books I’m currently reading, to dip into and also to stack on the coffee table with my other trinkets. For this trip, I had Pathways to Bliss by Joseph Campbell, Teachings of Rumi by Andrew Harvey, and The Spell of the Sensuous. They’re nice to dive into, but they’re also just nice to have a few familiar faces around.

    Bag Two contents:

    1. My favorite crystals and stones–gathered from around the globe and gifted by friends–to put on every surface possible.
    2. Sage, for getting rid of any less-than-tranquil vibes.
    3. Palo Santo, or “holy stick”. See above.
    4. Room spray (a meaningful gift from the wedding of dear friends–thanks, David and Lisa).
    5. Candles (short and tall–both are necessary). Preferably scents from someplace that reminds you of something familiar.
    6. My journal. For gratitude and dreams and other non-business related ideas.
    7. Musk incense. Because just like with new clothes, homes are comfier when they smell like you.

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