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Historic Remodel | Well Done

  • June 6, 2013


    Every now and again someone perfectly executes a historic remodel, and this is just such a time. It’s even rarer that a historic remodel is done so fabulously that we find ourselves bound to sharing it with you. Our COLLECTIVE hats are off to Paul and Mary Svendsen [respectively, a Salt Lake native and California transplant], whose beautiful home we spent some time in while on the Avenues After Hours Tour. Over a year and a half, they poured time, money, and effort into respecting and remodeling their incredible 1887 Samuel J. Coombs home. Having once been a bright, shiny beacon of Aves elegance, the years had seen serious deterioration via rentals and remodels gone painfully wrong. When the Svendsens purchased the home, it was little more than a gutted shell, and a massive project-to-be. Obviously, such a major endeavor required some serious vision and patience, and brave-as-ever, Paul and Mary stayed the course. Happy ending: this incredible space is once again what it was meant to be. We say they did Mr. Coombs [and us] quite proud. See for yourselves…








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