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Hip and Humble

  • June 2, 2011




    It seems like galleries, shops, boutiques and ‘fashion hot-spots’ around the world have no problem letting us know how cool they are; and not in the friendliest of ways.  Sure, the guy at the counter may be the most well-dressed human you’ve ever seen…but it means less when he looks you up and down, then scoffs.  Bitch.  Sometimes I just want to see a happy face.

    Cue me, walking into corner boutique, Hip and Humble, in the 9th and 9th area.  I may as well have been greeted with a hug.  Tessa and Andrea made me want to have a sleepover (until I remembered they are trying to run a business).  I love to shop…but put me in a well-curated boutique with perfect customer service, and I’ll give you my bank account number.  Thanks, H&H, for actually being what your name suggests.

    New location in Bountiful’s Colonial Square.  Go!

    Hip & Humble |  1043 E 900 S  |  801.467.3130




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