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Happiest Holiday Wishes

  • December 23, 2015


    Really, we can only repeat ourselves so much, right? You know we adore you, and you know we live to love Salt Lake City. Right. And we hope you know that we love what we do here unequivocally. Helping you find, sell, and design the spaces that you absolutely belong in is a literal thrill for us. There’s nothing we love more, and–fingers crossed–you’ll keep letting us do it.

    Cody’s written a pretty poignant message this year, and we’ll let him do most of the talking this time around (really…give it a read tomorrow). Suffice it to say, the gang below is merry, happy, grateful, gay, and bright as hell, and you’ve got quite a bit to do with that. Thanks for letting us love where we work, and here’s to years of helping you love where you live. We’ll see you chums next year.

    Most Aggressive/Loving Bear Hugs,


    2015 Holiday Card



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