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Tea Grotto | For Zen

  • May 2, 2014


    We loooove the Tea Grotto’s new space and menu. If brevity were the order of the day, we’d simply say they’ve nailed it.

    Molly and Brad are the current owners of the Tea Grotto, having purchased it in March from its 8-year previous owner, Rebecca Sheerin. Originally from Idaho and here via Utah [Molly studied and trained here as a modern dancer, and worked for a spell at the former Tea Grotto] and New York, the two of them have ended up back in Salt Lake City. As things tend to come full circle, their return inspired the challenge of ownership. They moved to a new location, and what’s come of it is a calm-infused space that perfectly reflects their love of zen and high-quality tea.

    The space was designed by local up-and-comer Toby Putnam. With the help of C.G. Sparks, Molly and Brad’s vision, and Toby’s own wood and metal-working skills, an ideal transformation ensued. Perfect touches such as wok lights, carefully-chosen greenery, and Indian pillars contribute to its well-appointed Asian design influence.

    Appropriately, more than good design makes the Tea Grotto such a stellar spot. There’s the tea and the food, for two. The choices and blends are numerous, and run from tea lattes to fruit-tea elixirs. The menu serves [luckily] as a sort of  guide book for your options, laying out 100 types of whole, loose-leaf tea, for starters. Moreover, all T.G. teas are ethically traded, mostly organic, and locally blended and crafted. *Worth a try: my new favorite summertime tea — a blended green tea latte with tapioca pearls, known on the menu as Bubble Tea. The food menu also happens to be tea-inspired and infused; as much care and attention has gone into the locally-sourced, creative, made-in-house bites as in every cup of tea.

    Tea Grotto | 440 E 900 S | 801.466.8255



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