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Certifiably Sensational

  • June 3, 2015


    List Price: Sold

    Neighborhood: Olympus Cove

    Property Profile: 3,750 sq. ft. | 4 bed, 3 bath

    Our Opinion: This Olympus Cove stunner is a solid representative of aaallll the good stuff: green built, super energy-efficient modern home with stunner views and ridiculously-easy access to mountain trails. What does ‘super energy-efficient’ cover? Oh, just solar heat and water, dual-flush toilets, FSC certified floors, and dual-pane Low E windows, among other things. You’ll find it in the yard, as well, with low-maintenance/water-wise landscaping. Open living areas, incredible natural light, Lyptus hardwood flooring, electric radiant heat in several rooms–including the bathrooms and the Nanawall room. The fireplace is about 98% efficient, thanks to two chambers that don’t allow the soot to escape. Call it ‘renewable, sustainable, and highly livable’. The reasons that folks are flocking to our good city of salt are many, but high on everyone’s list is likely ‘the great outdoors,’ which means this home is firing on all cylinders. One good decision will place you [literally] mountain adjacent and high above our pretty city. That’s good news…with views.

    Contact Cody Derrick at the COLLECTIVE for additional details or to schedule a private showing | 801.718.5555

    Art shown in dining room for sale by: Emily Plewe, emilyplewe@gmail.com | Additional art shown for sale by: Jena Schmidt, 801.808.8790

    Patio furniture courtesy of: Wacey Holt, waceyholt@gmail.com

    3075-s-teton-drive-round2-183075-s-teton-drive-round2-19 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-38 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-37 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-39 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-21 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-22 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-23 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-24 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-42 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-20 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-16 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-15 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-17 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-5 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-6 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-513075-s-teton-drive-round2-27 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-26 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-28 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-25 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-29 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-31 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-30 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-36 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-43 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-41 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-35 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-34 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-14 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-13 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-40 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-32 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-3 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-8 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-7 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-4 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-2 3075-s-teton-drive-round2-1




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