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Glory to Mod | St Marys

  • June 1, 2015


    List Price: Sold

    Neighborhood: Foothill

    Property Profile: 4,040 sq. ft. | 5 bed, 4 bath

    Our Opinion: Emil Fetzer is the architect who built this fantastic home in 1958 and subsequently lived in it [wouldn't you?]. Why is that important? Because, folks…this home was designed and built specifically for this lot. For these views. For this land. For the life inside. That’s a rare and wonderful thing. The current owner [only the home's second] handled a recent remodel with the care the space deserved in order to maintain the integrity of the original work. Plenty of high-tech, Jetson-esque gadgets abide within, and you can see for yourself in the photos below that it’s chock full of amazing details [oh, does the kitchen look out to the pool via the quintessential mid-mod wall of windows? We hadn't noticed]. Main suite with panoramic windows and views of our [completely lovable] city. Here’s the thing: you won’t get a shot at this lot again. Salt lake Modern recently showcased this neighborhood for its outstanding architecture and to exemplify exquisite examples of mid-century modernism a couple of years ago, and it’s more than equal to the task. Best land on the best circle in the best neighborhood. Crème. De. La. Crème.

    Contact Cody Derrick at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE for additional details or to schedule a private showing | 801.718.5555

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