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Garfield Teaser | It’s a Comin’

  • August 7, 2014


    Gawd, we have such amazing clients here at the COLLECTIVE, sometimes we have to pinch ourselves. Meet the oh-so-talented, extremely handy, and full on babe-town, Melissa Jo Glover. This chick is so practically perfect in every way, we can’t tell if we want to be her or just be her best friend. One thing we do know: we like. Melissa Jo’s been dubbed the “DIY Queen” by some, and by our records, she’s living up to that name [and then some]. Her eye for design [two big, beautiful brown ones, to be exact] is apparent both inside her home and out. She’s got one mean green thumb, and she ain’t too scurred to roll up her sleeves for a landscaping project, restoration project, or an all out remodel [but she’ll also make you a wedding dress with those hands]. Oh, and this broad does “from scratch”, too–the best damn cold-brewed coffee you’ve ever tasted [complete with coffee ice cubes, ‘cause you don’t want that shit getting watered down. Yeah, she smart, too]. Ready for the good news? This well-crafted, DIY haven is now up for grabs. Yup, Melissa, along with her fiance Matt [sorry fellas] and their kitties, Lucy and Ethel, are moving on to greener pastures and project numero dos–a lovely little Victorian. We’re COLLECTIVELY and positively giddy to see what she’ll do next. Melissa Jo’s Sugar Shack hits the market next week. And it’s oh, so sweet.

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