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Columbus Court | Design Fini

  • August 15, 2012


    After months of work, I’ve finally completed the design for Henry Walker’s Columbus Court model home.  The decor is no less sexy than the unbelievable views of the valley. I’m sure of it. Since March, I’ve been curating the furnishings, accessories, and art with a simple goal in mind — bringing the home to life. Without a resident, I was lacking a lifestyle and personality for which I could design the space. In order to avoid a generic ‘showroom’ feel, it was integral that I give the project some heart with the chosen furnishings.

    A whale of a project requires more than two hands, and I had some indispensable help, to be sure. My design assistant, Brian Garrett, is a savant at finding vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces. I commissioned local artist, Ashley Hind, to create many of the custom-made works [paintings, sculptures, and photography included], as original art was paramount, and there’s no end to her talents. Two pieces by Bernard Weston,who will be featured at A Gallery this October, are also included in the home. My design interns, Hannah Arrington, Alex Palmer, and Kate Young, were absolutely necessary in making the week of installation possible, and my husband, Dan, supplied drill skill and general handymanliness, as needed.

    Photos alone may not do the space justice, but praise and joy, you can see the final product for yourself. The Salt Lake Parade of Homes, which runs from now till the 18th of August, is featuring our peach, among others. Go see it, we say.



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