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Field Notes: Summer Concert Theory

  • June 1, 2012


    Field Notes: Thoroughly Enjoy Your Music + Your City

    The warm has come, and Salt Lake is a stellar city for summer, we say. It’s hot, it’s mountain- and lake-adjacent, and there’s a proper sh*tload of festivals, concerts, and activities to choose from. A few of us recently attended our first outdoor concert of the season and were aptly renewed in our love for this city. As expected, Bon Iver delivered an ethereal, falsetto-packed, love punch. That said, the venue [Red Butte Gardens] was a good chunk of what made the show so great [scroll down for links to noteworthy outdoor venues and their 2012 line-ups]. Almost nothing better than enjoying the outdoors while you enjoy the music/musicians you love. Thus, we offer a few tips for making the most of your magical, musical experience:

    1. Be Prepared. Channel the boy scouts and get your sh*t together. Blankets for the grass, low chairs, an umbrella for shade in line, jackets for the evening breeze, a bag for your trash…you get it.

    2. Bring Good Food. Obviously, this hinges on whether or not the venue allows it. If so, bring the snacks that make you happy. For us, that was guac, salsa, salami, grapes and approximately 25 pounds of cheese.

    3. Don’t Forget Bevvies. As with food, this may or may not be allowed. If it is, however, best to get on top of your game. Example: see below for proof that Cody arrived with no less than 12 mason jars, pre-filled with gin-mint joy. 2 per person = 6 happy people.

    4. Relax & Enjoy. We trust you can figure this out on your own. In the mean time, here’s a few of SLC’s ace outdoor venues and their respective upcoming summer shows. Salt Lake shakes, baby.








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