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Extry! Extry!

  • February 19, 2014


    We thought this one was worth a quickie post…

    Can you keep a secret? We can’t. At a super secret press conference today, Mayor Ralph Becker made an announcement that made us go all weak in the computer-nerd knees. Together with Google Fiber’s Director of Business Operations, Michael Slinger, Mayor Becker made public Google Fiber’s plans to supply their radical services to nine metropolitan areas throughout the United States. Oh, and guess who’s on that list? Yup. WE ARE.

    According to Slinger, the process entails 6 to 9 months of grueling, gitcha-hands-dirty work with the city in order to determine if a fiber network is feasible in our mean n’ salty streets. But the company will publish a public checklist, so’s the citizens of Salt Lake can keep track of progress. If approved, Google Fiber will make broadband accessible to all residents and businesses. Swell as hell, right? Not to mention the crazy amount of jobs it’ll bring our way. Mayor Becker encourages community input on the new project, but we think it sounds pretty grand.

    Read more at the Google Fiber blog here.

    google-announcement-2 google-announcement-1



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