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Smooth Blend | Perfect End

  • December 15, 2016


    As interior designers, it’s imperative that we act as curators. Yes, yes…we know the term is technically reserved for museum speak, but really, it applies to our efforts quite seamlessly. That is to say, we select, cull, and edit each space in which we work. It takes a honed eye to curate a space full of unexpected and layered elements…one that, in turn, yields an aesthetic that can stand the test of time. For our latest interior design project, we took the duty of curator to heart when we were tasked with updating the interior of a classic Tudor in the Harvard/Yale area. The clients’ taste leaned toward a patchwork of sophistication–a blend of classic antiques, glam, and mid-century modern that needed to live in a cohesive, well-designed space.

    In our efforts to see that the family’s personal style was worked into the design, it was most important that we also respect the classic design and era of the home. Our focus was the front hall, living and dining areas, and we sought to make a big impact. To that end, we used several styles of wallpaper, including a Dalmatian print in the hallway, framed hand-painted Porter Toleo paper above the couch, and a unique print to line the bookshelves. We created a [gorgeous] custom, teal sofa (built by local talent, Sharp Upholstery) and added side tables by small batch designer, Katy Skelton. A vintage rug in the dining area is juxtaposed with modern ghost chairs–a fortuitous touch that perfectly suited the mixed style–and we rounded it all out with a Tabarka tile fireplace, complete with an inset black marble hearth and live edge mantel.

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