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Downtown Luxury Home

  • January 24, 2013


    List Price: Sold

    Agent: Cody Derrick

    Neighborhood: Downtown

    Property Profile: 5,825 sq. ft. | 2 bedroom, 5 bathroom, 1 pool, residential and commercial space.

    Our Opinion: This living space is, quite literally, the best of all worlds.  A commercial space that allows you to work from home or lease for an income stream.  Over 4,000 sq. ft. of upscale living space: granite and onyx counter tops; wood, concrete, carpeted and marble floors; an outdoor deck overlooking main street; your own garage with a loft for storage.  ”In-floor”, zoned, radiant heat and zoned air-conditioning throughout.

    If you’re not yet convinced…an in-ground, Ozonated lap pool in the basement.

    Listing courtesy of: Us!




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