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Design Week | Fold It Closed

  • October 22, 2015


    Our greatest hope is that, as you read this, you’re not experiencing feelings of regret. That you did, indeed, heed our COLLECTIVE word and make your way to 2015′s Design Week in some form or another. We gave you suggestions (Aaron Draplin was in town, man…or Cocktails with Creatives…we even hosted a stellar event in our own lounge). Really. Did you listen? #fingerscrossed

    Either way, we did. And, as fully expected, it was well worth our time. And while we couldn’t possibly hit up every savvy happening on the Design Week sched, we trust there were plenty of others to take our seats (and a few notes for us?). In the spirit of a quickie recap, Design Week is AIGA’s “week-long celebration that highlights the impact that design has in our community,” and it serves to gather all those wicked-talented makers and creatives who are putting SLC on the map for aforementioned wicked talent. Didn’t know we had so much of that? Where the hell you been? With more than 30 workshops, lectures, meet-ups, and gatherings, it goes without saying (we’re saying it anyway) that the whole of DW was filthy with inspiration, education, and motivation. And, as ever, it wrapped last Saturday with one of our favorite events, Beaux Arts Ball. We’re suckers for a dress-up occasion, and this one was a double whammy: Art of the Fold encouraged attendees to get a little inventive in a linear fashion, and plenty of folks were equal to the conceptual task. Missed out? You messed up. There’s still next year…

    beaux-arts-ball-2015-10 beaux-arts-ball-2015-group2 beaux-arts-ball-2015-41 beaux-arts-ball-2015-16 beaux-arts-ball-2015-1 beaux-arts-ball-2015-11 beaux-arts-ball-2015-15beaux-arts-ball-2015-12 beaux-arts-ball-2015-39 beaux-arts-ball-2015-group1 beaux-arts-ball-2015-47 beaux-arts-ball-2015-7 beaux-arts-ball-2015-36



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