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Damn These Heels | That’s A Wrap

  • July 23, 2015



    It was all a popcorn-covered, stiletto wearing dream, but the 2015 Damn These Heels! film festival has (alas) come to a close. The annual event is a “weekend-long celebration of independent, documentary, and foreign feature-length films from around the world that explore LGBT issues, ideas, and art”–and it also happens to be one of our COLLECTIVE faves. Really, we’re down with all causes that enable folks to be themselves and love who they are, and DTH has been doing a damn fine job of just that since 2003. We’ve been rallying behind this stellar local event for a few years now, but this one felt particularly near and dear (perhaps being close on the heels of the SCOTUS announcing marriage equality nationwide that we were so particularly tickled).

    It was all fun-times-to-be-had and whatnot at the kick-off party (photos below will attest to it, no doubt): the 801 was flowing and friendly faces were getting set to watch the opening film, The New Girlfriend (if you’re wondering, it was pretty great) at Rose Wagner. Over the weekend, 20+ films were shown, and while we couldn’t make it to every last one, we did our damnedest to see as many as we could. For our money, In the Grayscale was a fan-freaking-tastic flick…our sympathies go out to those that missed it. And the final on-screen performance by Robin Williams (in Boulevard) had little trouble living up to the hype. #tearjerker

    Damn These Heels is gaining fans and films and fire in the belly with each passing year, and we’re COLLECTIVELY pleased as punch about it. As for future DTH Festivals, we suggest that those of you missing out get your proverbial ducks in a row and put it on your calendar for next year. Preparedness is everything, folks. These magnificent movies aren’t gonna watch themselves.

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