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Two Creek Coffee

  • January 18, 2012


    As of pretty recent times, I lived on 5th in the Avenues. A lover of coffee, I had a few options for my morning brew, all within a stone’s throw. Post-booze mornings tended to lead me to Cafe on 1st — their lounge-like, low-lit sitting area was ideal for headache waning and a general body reset. On those days when I’d been less abusive to my body, however, I was a happy and willing frequenter of Two Creek Coffee – the adorable coffee shop on tree-lined 3rd.

    Two Creek is a super spot to get some work done. The interior is perfectly [and naturally] well lit, with a calm and focused affectation. In the summer, I find myself there more often than not; they’ve got a charming and partially-covered patio outside. It’s gated and dog-friendly, thus the ideal spot to bring your pooch for a work date or afternoon tea. Plus, it’s a perfect walk from nearly anywhere.

    Come summer, I’ll be seeing you again.  I know you’ve missed me.

    Two Creek Coffee |  502 3rd Ave  |  801.363.3238



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