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Craft Lake City | All Sewn Up

  • August 14, 2014


    If you’ve got half a brain in that pretty little head, you ambled on over to the Gallivan Center for at least one of the days that Craft Lake City was posted up proper-like, ‘cause it was one for the ages. We were COLLECTIVELY floored by the turnout [of both patrons and peddlers, alike], and we stocked up on heaps of local loot. We drifted through teams of lovely locals, marinating in the straight-up temperate climate [well, the evenings, anyhow] and utter pleasantness [all damn day] of it all. Events are always best when a.) they’re local, b.) they’re free, and c.) they’re full of fantastic folks just looking to fill up on crafted magic.

    A few of those with Craft Lake booths: Dan Christofferson [a.k.a. BeeTeeth genius], Rob and Tiffany Grine of BALMapparel, the mad men and women of Mandate Press, and those kindly fellas over at Charming Beard Coffee. There were plenty of other fab finds, as well: Audrey Patten illustrations, My Dear Hazel, Annika Quinn Jewelry, Art Kieres Furniture, and Mineral and Matter, to name a small few of the 200+ talented exhibitors. Also found in the dead middle of our super city: more than 40 performers for the entertainment of attendees of all tastes [we stopped in to hear Bronco…'twas well worth it]. Props upon props to ours gals, Karamea Puriri [shown below adorably donning no less than six holsters] and Angela Brown, for throwing together a slam-bang event. Oh, and eternal kudos to each and every vendor that made the weekend a success. If you missed this year’s event, shame on you, but we don’t stay mad–just prepare for the next. You can also stay crafty all year long with the CLC Workshop Series. SLC, you never cease to amaze us. Don’t go changin’.

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