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Condo Tour | Come One, Come Y’all

  • January 9, 2014


    One of the great things about being a COLLECTIVE is our ability to combine forces and tap resources in a way that is mutually beneficial to all. Well, this weekend, you’re in luck, ’cause it benefits you, too. This Saturday, January 11th, we will be hosting a big ‘ol Open House Condo Tour. Starting at noon [and ending at 3pm], we’ll have four — yup, four — of our condo listings open for your viewing pleasure. If you’re in the market, fabulous news…we’ll have agents posted at every location, and they’ll be all eager-beaver ready to answer your questions. Lookin’ for a chat and a muffin? That’s cool, too. Click on the photos below to read about each condo on the tour, and be sure to check out the map at the bottom for details on the location of each. *Note: If you’re an Insta-abuser, we’re here for you…snap some shots while you’re out and about on the tour and use the hashtag #cityhomecollective. Best pic wins one of our “Love Where You Live” tees. Happy Hunting.

    Building Downtown-Salt-Lake-Urban-Modern-Loft-For-Sale-1 University-Utah-Salt-Lake-Condo-For-Sale-14 Metro-Condominium-Downtown-Salt-Lake-City-For-Sale-2



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