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Sampson Altadena | Teaser

  • February 22, 2013


    Despite what we’ve seen, our COLLECTIVE jaw still occasionally drops for the right space. The assumption is that the multi-million dollar homes always take the cake [they often do], but today’s eye-popper is a little Downtown Sampson Altadena condo that has us squealing with delight. The current owner’s tastes in furnishings are spot-on, but it’s got a long history of owners [starting in the early 1900's] that had the foresight to keep all things original nice and untouched. Moldings, floors, leaded glass in the formal dining area, the simple kitchen, the claw foot tub…it’s all intact and making us salivate. Personally speaking, I’d prefer that someone from my immediate family, friends, or client family scoop it up. If not, I just might snag it for myself.

    Available for showings soon. Contact the COLLECTIVE to get on the short list | 801.718.5555

    Sampson-Altadena-Salt-Lake-Downtown-Condo-For-Sale-2 Sampson-Altadena-Salt-Lake-Downtown-Condo-For-Sale-3 Sampson-Altadena-Salt-Lake-Downtown-Condo-For-Sale-4Sampson-Altadena-Salt-Lake-Downtown-Condo-For-Sale-1



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