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You've noticed, we've noticed, and it's affected most of our morning commutes at some time or other. Yes, there's a veritable boatload of construction going on as of late, and we think much of it must be to do with the influx of folks coming to the realization that this actually is the place. We have tree-lined streets, goodly 'hoods, a bustling metropolis, and purple mountain majesties--all within a 30-ish minute drive. We've got it good from 801 to 435, and people from all over the globe are starting to take notice.

And with more people innevitably comes more construction--both of the "ooooh" and the "uuuugh" variety. Allow us to introduce you to a bit of the former. It's called theRUBY, and it's currently in the works courtesy of CW URBAN, a design and development firm that focuses on projects that "meet the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit."  They also "strive to create micro-communities that positively impact the vibrant existing neighborhoods" in which they build, and use texture, flow, and form "to create homes that people can be proud of, spaces that can provide sanctuary, comfort, and protection".

theRUBY is perched perfectly close to downtown, and will feature 12 deliciously-modern townhomes. Details to come, but if you like what you see above, give us a ring to have your name added to the interest list. This is going to be good...

Call 801.718.5555 to get on the interest list.

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