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Everyone loves pot pies. Let’s be honest, even the gloppy, frozen version you can pick up in the freezer aisle is pretty good. And, while all of us might not get home as often as we intend to, the from-scratch version of this doughy classic is simply unbeatable (and sometimes you just need a fix). Salt Lake seekers of contentment and convenience, meet the answer to your pot-pie-in-the-middle-of-the-week dreams: The Dispensary.

The brainchild of Este Pizza founder Dave Heiblim, The Dispensary is serving up some seriously delicious pot pies with a welcomed modern touch. While they serve an excellent adaptation of the standard chicken variety, there’s also a killer vegetarian version, and the ever-changing menu always has a selection that's made in collaboration with a cool, local eatery (think: Laziz, Cytybyrd, Finca, or the like). You can choose whatever top you like—ranging from flaky puff pastry to fried egg to house-made taro chips—or go topless. Totally your call.

Given the delicious nature of the goods at The Dispensary, we were already fast fans, but there’s a lot more going on here than tasty eats. The ingredients used here are organic and health-conscious. Pretty much all of The Dispensary's waste is reused, recycled, or composted, meaning almost nothing goes to landfill (which is a huge win for everybody). If you’ve ever worked in a typical restaurant, you know that either of these things is pretty unusual, but together? They’re damn near revolutionary.

THEY'RE setting a socially conscious example while knowing that a restaurant is nothing without awesome food.

On a recent COLLECTIVE visit, it was tough to decide between the red curry chicken pot pie (creamy and more than a little decadent) and the Laziz collaboration (made with eggplant, chickpeas, and middle eastern spices). Turns out both were fabulous. For best results, we recommend taking a group and trying them all. Repeat as necessary.

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