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We do a lot here. We design, explore, and throw parties. We get involved, we work on ourselves. We dine out as often as we can. But before and after all else, we’re realtors and designers. And as the former, we’ve made it our duty to learn all the legal ins and outs of this thrilling game called real estate so that we can help anyone that will have us navigate the oft-perilous act of buying or selling a home.

We love what we do.
so we've gotten damn good at it.

In 2017, we brought a few new faces on board, and our team now boasts 17 first-string real estate agents. But really, if cityhomeCOLLECTIVE has taught you anything, it’s that nobody is ever just one thing. Half of our people are realtors, yes, but that’s one title among many. They’re friends, parents, and artists. Some of them had kids in 2017. Some of them climbed Mount Everest. Some of them started up their own eatery in addition to having the best year of their real estate career. Most of them continue to make this shit look easy (and, having permanent front-row seats to the action on the daily, we can attest that it is NOT).

That’s precisely what makes the fact that we COLLECTIVELY sold 118 listings last year so swell (that’s not to mention the hundreds of homes we helped people buy). Regardless of price point, this is our jam—being by your side through every step of moving out, moving on, and moving in. We pride ourselves on representing some of the most interesting properties in the state, so we thought we'd gather a small handful of our favorite "SOLDS" from 2017 to show for it. Insides, outsides, buyer's sides, seller's sides...

We do a lot here. But mostly, we live to help you find your space.

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Updates + Love Notes
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