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While the weather outside may be frightful, it’s difficult to deny the majesty of a good set of twinkle lights. There’s been no shortage around our streets as of late, and we’ve found ourselves gravitating toward their warmth, like a few bundled-up moths to a flame. And perhaps it’s this surge in glimmering storefronts and side streets that’s inspired us so. See, there’s a lot of pretty in these digital pages of our blog, and we never tire of thumbing through them. Every once in a while, we like to compile said pretty into a sort of “greatest hits” list of five, which we fondly refer to as our Quint-Essentials.

This series has seen some of our favorite bits of evidence that print's not dead, some great places to take a seat, and a few of the very best loos. But seeings that we’re feeling so warm ’n’ fuzzy these days, we’d like to dedicate this episode to the cozy, communal vibes provided by the perfect statement light fixture. We think a great chandelier can have the same effect indoors that a campfire might outdoors: it brings folks in and asks them to stay a while. Have a chat, a toast, or a laugh. Hunker down. Bring it in. (And let ‘em shine, let ‘em shine, let ‘em shiiiiiiine…)

1) Main St. Park City

This tiny, historic space at the top of Main St. in Park City (procured and pasted-up by our COLLECTIVE head honcho, Cody Derrick) is a delightful study in modern, masculine stylings supported by a strapping, historical framework. The space is moody and weighted in materials like velvet, hardwood, and black marble. The design is a warm, heavy, and handsome one, and we find the chandelier hanging above the dining room table to be the visual representation of the perfectly-timed breath of fresh air. Le sigh…

2) Ninth South Circle

True, we’ve featured the interior of this magical mid-mod a time or two before, but in our defense, this design (a collab between our cityhomeDESIGN team and the former owner) is damn near perfection. The vibes here are a mix of eclectic Spanish and easy-breezy West Coast stylings, and we find this dining area to be the blushing bride in the marriage between the two. The netted geometry of this statement piece perfectly complements the soft bulbs and organic shapes throughout the room. Pretty in pink, indeed.

3) Teton House

This spot—another dreamy piece by our cityhomeDESIGN team—is awash with light, bright, boho vibes, organic pops of color, and a few grounding, gilded accents. This fabulously-oversized bell pendant (which—fun fact—is actually covered in felt) brings a weight to this room while keeping with the predominantly organic themes of the space. While the exterior of the bell is a deep grey, the interior is a soft white; this ensures that the light from the fixture pulls to that stunning table beneath it, and it invites those within the space to git to gatherin’

4) St. Mary's Design

This space was only recently completed by our cityhomeDESIGN team, so forgive us if we’re still in the honeymoon phase with this one (it’s just SO PRETTY). The sentiments in this mid-century spot are warm, eclectic, tidy, and whip-smart—much like the humans that live inside. It’s hard to choose just one facet of this home to focus on (those curtains! The flooring! The marble! The hardware!), but we think that these three fixtures are holding down the winner’s podium just fine. The exposed bulbs in each piece counterbalance their metallic finishes with a lovely glow. It’s strong. It’s soft. It’s perfection.


As this pretty lil' office space is where we spend our 9s to 5s most days of the week, we may admittedly be a bit partial to her design. There are several noteworthy anecdotes about pieces used in the space, but our favorite might just be the Cinderella story of the vintage hanging orbs (which were salvaged from the basement of The Green Ant). The saucer-like lights found their way to the mid-mod furniture store by way of the University of Utah. When the old Student Union building was revamped, the lights were tossed, and our humble little COLLECTIVE made one big come-up. Originally hung in a symmetrical set of three, we jumbled up the lights in a staggered-yet-balanced bunch. It's the first thing we see when we come into the office and the last thing we see when we leave her. Not a bad way to start the day, say we...

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