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We've got something of a blatant respect for design and architecture, to be sure, but we're also raving fans of learning by doing and giving back to our respective communities. And since said values run entirely parallel with those of our friends at Design Build Bluff, we like to keep a close eye on what they do each semester through the University of Utah architecture program. (Unfamiliar with the work of DBB? Click here to be enlightened.)

It stands to reason, then, that when we were asked to help update the design and functionality of the student housing in Bluff, Utah, we were eager to lend a COLLECTIVE hand. The historic building is known as the Scorup House, and over the coming months we'll be documenting our design process in helping faculty and students create a beautiful and functional campus.


Our first step called for a site visit last fall. Beautiful hardwood floors and antique hardware make for a charming place to start, but the space will require updates in the form of ADA compliance, kitchen and storage functionality, and a hearty dose of that homey feeling. We suggest you stick around to see what our design team has in store for this multi-use dwelling. 

Any interested in helping by donating time or supplies to the effort can email [email protected].

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