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We’ve waxed philosophic a’plenty about how beloved we find these briny boulevards to be, but Salt Lake is far from the only spot in this state boastin’ streets worth a shout. One such instance is 25th Street, the city center of our neighbor to the north, Ogden. 

In its current state, 25th Street is equal parts "small-town-picturesque" and "budding cultural epicenter", but this avenue has a whole-lot-of history behind it, beginning with a slightly more sordid inception in 1869. While a large part of the state got off to a saintly-start, Ogden sprouted up around the first transcontinental railroad, meaning more sinful establishments soon followed, earning 25th the moniker “Two-Bit Street”. The street retained its sinful-sobriquet until the 50s when Mayor Lorin Farr led a citywide crime-reduction effort that largely rid 25th of its less desirable institutions. However, it wasn’t until the 70s and 80s that the street was transformed into its breezy, scenic self. A branding company was hired and set to work on revitalizing shop-windows. Facades were restored to their original glory. Trees were planted. Street lights installed.


Today, 25th is offering up all-manner-of-attractions in spades. Think: a Farmer's Market, an abundance of festivals, and blocks chock-full of bistros and boutiques (all worth popping into). And, fall weather means this sunny street is well worth a stroll, now more than ever.

Cider in hand, reveling in
just how sweet life can be.

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