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Truth be told, this is a city dweller’s dream spot: Modern and industrial at its core, and a blank slate that any aficionado of space—minimalist or not—will instantly appreciate.

It’s just south of SLC proper, this one, and perched in a neighborhood that’s quickly climbing the ranks as one of our most up ’n’ coming. For starters, it’s just a stone’s throw to easy-peasy public transport, and it’s also walkable to the bustling Central 9th ‘hood (Laziz, Jade Market, and Water Witch—oh, my!).

We think you’ll agree that natural light, wide open space, and an indoor/outdoor flow are entirely conducive to hosting your crew.

You see, every inch of this city space was intentionally thought out and designed to take advantage of space, upkeep, and budget. 

Here, the urban landscape and smart architecture offer up a year-round show of beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and cityscapes, and we think you’ll love the fireworks that occasionally pop off from the nearby Ballpark. It’s not every day one finds themselves in the company of such a scrumptious mid-city sanctuary.

Looking for a bit of SLC to call your own? We may just have your slice right here…

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