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Looking for a Small Space to Lease?

11/19/2018 | Paul Svendsen
Eric Overton

Here's a heads up for any in our readership who might be looking for a medical office in which to set up shop. A client of ours is looking to share his spot for a couple of days a week with a like-minded wellness practitioner (acupuncturist, esthetician, mental health profession, et al.) and might even be open to turning things over to a new occupant altogether.

The immaculately designed digs are located in SLC’s new Maven complex on 900 South and feature two naturally-lit, sizable rooms (one for office use and one for procedural purposes) as well as access to a full kitchen, bathrooms, and a washer and dryer. Additionally, this spot is surrounded by some of SLC’s best local businesses. Creek Tea and Chip Cookies both sit within the same building and some stand-out restaurants and shops round out the rest of the area.

All things considered, it’s a terrific opportunity for any wellness practitioner.

Contact Paul Svendsen for any additional information.

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