Life in Your Space | Those Views!

4/1/2016 |

"Life moves pretty fast," as F.B. once told us. Things seem to be going a million miles an hour these days, and in our COLLECTIVE opinion, it's made "home" all that much more rewarding. Having a space in which to unwindulax in the midst of the chaos is essential. A spot in which you can sit back, spend time with your people, play with your dog/cat/ferret, and share a bottle of wine (or milk, in this case). And if said spot comes equipped with sunset views over the entire Salt Lake valley, then all the better. That said, have a look at the space below. Easy enough for everyone to drive to a high-perch where they can watch the sun drop, but with this home, it's just a matter of walking into your own back yard. You'll be seeing this one in more detail next week, but in the mean time, ponder this: friends, food, and freaking-fantastic views. Sound like your idea of home? Keep an eye out...

Contact Corigan Kushma at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE for additional details or to schedule a private showing | 435.770.8783

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