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8/25/2016 |

Now is the season of lingering outdoors, of barbeques and bike rides. When twilight calls for hoodies and fingerless mittens and when you can begin to see even the smallest evidence of your breath on the air, you'll know what's to come, and you'll wish you'd taken advantage of what's here a bit more. So, it’s time to wander this city’s great parks and playgrounds and--if you’ve got one like this--to enjoy a good back yard. Sure, we admire the home at 2012 Stratford Avenue for its solid construction and recent updates (new sprinklers, new windows, new furnace). And yes, we appreciate its proximity to fabulous dining and shopping. But what we really love about this place is that ideal backyard. Not too big; not too small. It’s the sort of space where epic battles of badminton can be waged, where gardens to feed a whole neighborhood can be planted, and where hipsters in love oughta’ get married. Our friends, Bobby & Megan [and Vivian!], have spent countless evenings lounging in this perfect cut of yard and they’ve thrown their fair share of summer soirees (read the Seller's [Full] Disclosures at the link above, would ya?). Yes, the time has come for them to find new digs, and we had a gathering of our own to wish them well, but we'll assume that this spot's next owners will have us over for more of the good stuff. As we see it, with a house and yard like this, it's kind of your civic duty.

Contact Brian Tripoli at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE for additional details or to schedule a private showing | 801.809.9804

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