Life in Your Space | St. Mary's Mid-Mod

6/30/2016 |

We're a tad obsessed with the interaction that happens between people and space, in general…but the people and space you see below are downright fascinating to us. The Chamberlain clan is unique as they come--a bright, lively, colorful, tremendously stylish gang, to say the least. Our favorite thing, though? That the individuality of each member of this family is accurately and soulfully reflected in every inch of their mid-century modern home on St. Mary's Circle. The home was designed by none other than Robert Fowler of FFKR Architects (a.k.a., the lead architect on Abravanel Hall), and the Chamberlains are only the second owners. Apart from a few extremely-stylish, modern updates in the kitchen (ahem: did you not see it on the cover of Utah Style & Design's spring issue?), main bath, and half bath--all of which were designed and executed by the owners themselves--they've maintained the original design of this fantastic space. Translation: your favorite spots are functionally modernized and those details that have your heart--the atrium, stone fireplaces, crystal chandelier, floor-to-ceiling windows, etc.--stand as beautifully intact as they did in 1956. Throw in those incredible valley views and we're thinking the next owners will be damn happy here. Keep a close eye on the website, folks…this one's coming fast. And it's likely to go in the same fashion.

Contact Corigan Kushma at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE for additional details or to schedule a private showing | 435.770.8783


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