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10/13/2016 |

The good citizens of SLC are our favorite people. They're the folks that live within the walls of the fantastic homes we peddle, and they've taken such care in said spaces, we can't help but show them off. When you put real (and personal) effort into the spaces you occupy, the return is invaluable. The parts make up the whole, people. And the folks you see in the images below are a damn fine example of loving where you live. Annie and Josh have been doing right by their home--and, in turn, this whole city--for a long while, and we're proud to call them CHC fam. The vibes in this joint--from the front porch to the back yard--are as good as they come. And while these two goodly peeps are about to adventure on to make their mark elsewhere, we trust you'll be plenty glad that they made said mark here for a spell. This place is on the market, and we've got a strong feeling it's gonna bring the crowds. Click here to see the official listing story, then ring us up. In a hurry.

Contact Corigan Kushma at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE for additional details or to schedule a private showing | 435.770.8783

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